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Trans Family Support Group

It is natural to have questions and need support to navigate all the changes. Parents, family members, spouses, and partners can struggle when their loved one comes out as transgender or gender diverse.  The group will focus on helping loved ones gain a deeper understanding and how to best support a person who is transitioning.

The Trans Family Support Group is a safe place for the loved ones of transgender or gender variant individuals to gather and talk. The group is for any and all of the following: parents, guardians, spouses, partners, siblings, and friends.  Anyone who is a member of a trans person’s “family of choice” is welcome. Participants agree to keep confidentiality of what is shared in the meeting, be aware of good social and communication skills, and create a safe space for all participants.

 The group will navigate topics and questions such as:

  • Gender Spectrum
  • Gender Lingo
  • Myths about Gender
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • The Coming Out Process
  • Puberty Blockers
  • Community and online resources
  • And much more!

The Trans family support group meets via Zoom on Thursdays beginning at 6:30pm. Questions may be directed to Barton by calling 361-814-2001.

Additional Resources

Join us every Thursday for Trans Family Support Group via Zoom. Call or text 3615577433 for the Zoom link.

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Starting Jan 26th and every Thursday after join us for Transgender Non-Binary Family Support Group at 6:30p via Zoom. Where it's a safe space to learn how to support your loved one. Email info@cbpridecenter.org to receive the link. Or call/text us at 361-557-7433

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