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Free Counseling

Counseling services are currently being offered free of charge for LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples, and families by counseling intern Norena Gutierrez.

We offer a full range of LGBTQIA+ specific counseling, including family systems, couples counseling, counseling for those coming out, and transgender counseling. The counselor and client will determine the appropriate number of sessions based on client need and progress. Currently, there is no limit on this service. To schedule an appointment, please call 361-814-2001 ext. 265 or email norenag@cbwellness.org for more information.

@odipizzeria will be here at CBWF on the PRIDE Center side!!! Stop by and grab some yummy pizza. #supportlocal

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On this fourth day of the 21st Annual LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, we stay AWAKE and AWARE for the lives and health of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation and the PRIDE Center continue to provide trans affirming healthcare and support such as our Trans Support Group! For more information contact the PRIDE Center at 361-557-7433 #LGBTQHealth #TransHealth

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Taking charge of your sexual health looks like getting tested and taking PrEP. As we aim to end the spread of HIV, it is important that we continue to educate and advocate for the sexual health of the LGBTQ+ community.  Our Community Health Outreach provides free HIV and STI testing and connection to services such as treatment and PrEP! Call 361-814-2001 or visit www.cbwellness.org to schedule an appointment for confidential testing. #LGBTQHealth

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We are getting closer to PROM!!! You can wear whatever you want but if anyone ages 13-18 is looking for assistance with a prom outfit contact the PRIDE Center to see what resources we can find available.

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The Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation continues to support the LGBTQ+ community by providing Behavioral Health that covers general counseling services and substance abuse outpatient treatment. Our staff are trained to assist the LGBTQ+ community covering relationships, sexual identity, and gender identity. We continue to stay inclusive of the community. Visit www.cbwellness.org to find out more about our services. #LGBTQHealth

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National #LGBTQHealth Awareness Week is intended to help the healthcare community advocate for reducing barriers to LGBTQ persons by creating and maintaining safe, inclusive and welcoming environments—and ensuring quality, accessible and non-discriminatory health care.  

Here at the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation and the PRIDE Center we continue to provide an array of health and wellness initiatives through access to treatment, education, awareness, and advocacy for our community here in the Coastal Bend.

Find out how you can get involved: https://healthlgbtq.org/awareness-week/

And check out our services: www.cbwellness.org


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